Calendar Heatmaps in ggplot

Calendar heatmaps are a neglected, but valuable, way of representing time series data. Their chief advantage is in allowing the viewer to visually process trends in categorical or continuous data over a period of time, while relating these values to their month, week, and weekday context - something that simple line plots do not efficiently allow for. If you are displaying data on staffing levels, stock returns (as we will do here), on-time performance for transit systems, or any other one dimensional data, a calendar heatmap can do wonders for helping your stakeholders note patterns in the interaction between those variables and their calendar context. [Read More]

Sometimes the Best Documentation is Code You've Already Written

When you’ve been writing R code for long enough, you’ll invariably encounter a challenge you’ve faced before. It may be remembering whether to use the color or fill parameter for a line geom in ggplot, what to put in an R notebook chunk header to prevent the code from displaying, or how to convert a character string to a datetime value - or any of a million other things. You sit there, fingers over the keys, knowing full well you’ve done this before, but not remembering how you solved the problem. [Read More]
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